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October's Pictures

Platt Fileds Church Remembrance
Platt Fileds Church Remembrance (QTEK 9100)

On the way out of the Church on the edge of Platt Fields there is an entrance just like all churches. It's a small roofed gate area that you walk through and I suspect most people don't look at it for obvious reasons and perhaps most churches aren't like this one. I don't know.

I have passed through many church roofed gate area and I have never see this. This is one of the two sides of the area where the names of the of the First World War are carved. I apologise for those that are on the other side (that I saw first but the explanation was on this side) that I have not got a picture of those but perhaps you can make the difference and visit it.

0 comments have been left23:15 17 Oct 2007Tags: church arch carving
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Platt Spire
Platt Spire (QTEK 9100)

This isn't really much of a picture but I thought that I needed to take it. We were out at Platt Fileds as you might know (yes it's a blog and you should have read the previous posts... sorry I shouldn't berate new readers who join in the middle then leave disappointed). It's a picture of the spire of the church on the edge of Platt Fields.

What is strange about the spire is that it's not part of the main body of the building, that's not to say that it's disconnected but it's offset which is a little strange. I don't have a picture of that which thinking now is wrong, mind you there was not that much space to take a picture and show what the church looks like.

Just for the camera fans out there, this was taken with the QTEK and most pictures of the sky were blasted out by the sky so much that you couldn't see the end of the spire.

0 comments have been left23:05 17 Oct 2007Tags: spire church
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Flying Leaf
Flying Leaf (QTEK 9100)

You heard it her first. Leaves can levitate and this is the first picture online... I think.

A leaf on the end of a spider's web from the tree we have here, not only does it look a little strange but getting up and capturing the picture was difficult. There was no wind, so as soon as you walked up to it, it started to spin, so several attempts were made to capture it as it was. It was so light that when my Daughter got too close and when told it was a spider's web walked back quickly and the draft caused the leaf to follow her so much that I thought that she had actually attached herself to the web. When she stopped the leaf fell back.

Weird huh?

0 comments have been left22:52 16 Oct 2007Tags: leaf park flying
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Platt Fields
Platt Fields (QTEK 9100)

OK after a busy week, yes I am talking this one that has not even finished yet, I have some pictures from the weekend. Only time for one at the moment. This is a picture of the drive out of Platt Fields onto Platt Lane I think. The leaves have finally fallen and with the Rollei I have pictures of my Wife and Daughter kicking leaves at themselves and me.

Nothing on there except for people doing football exercises and playing football, I can only assume that this could be connected to Manchester City but I could be wrong. Not great weather but nice enough and I think the picture is OK, well it will do.

0 comments have been left22:42 16 Oct 2007Tags: park tree leaves symmetry
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Skegness Beach
Skegness Beach (Minolta X500)

On a trip to Lincoln we had a day out to Skegness. Just like the usual British seaside town, there are the usual small scale rides all closed down since it's winter with the usual selection of shops selling gifts and fast food. This picture is less about a closed seaside town and more about the beach as you can see. Perhaps the focus could have gone further out, but the problem might have been that I'd have got too much background in. None the less here's an archive picture, one that I'd almost forgotten about and still rather like. That's not so say that they won't be any chance of pics tomorrow only that due to the lovely weather and my lack of inventiveness, I doubt any pictures happening tomorrow.

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22:04 13 Oct 2007Tags: skegness beach water patterns
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The Boat House
The Boat House (QTEK 9100)

This is a picture of The Boat House a pub situated on the Dee Estuary in a place called Park Gate featured on The One Show as a great place to sit in a pub and watch the huge array of wildlife. Must admit it appears to just be a pub with a wild grassland to the left of the pub, though I believe that the water can and does lap right up to the white wall on the left. Less of a wildlife person didn't see anything much except generic birds though my Wife and my Dad were discussing what type of bird they just spied. With an discussion ensuing I was free to finish my pint. It was a really nice pub and I only wish I had a few more hours to find the right seat and nurse several pints whist admiring the view, but that was not to be. I don't have a picture of the view mainly because it would not make an impressive picture, in addition to the haze (not that you can see it here) that would not fit well on a picture. And yet there is actually nothing to see for more or less as far as you can see. With that in mind, my advice is go an see it for yourself.

0 comments have been left21:20 6 Oct 2007Tags: pub estuary
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